10th August 2013

How to Keep Fidgety Toddlers Quiet at the Theater

Planning a nice night in the theater is a difficult and expensive endeavor. You want to have a good time and you want your family to have a good time. However, your toddler is likely not as enthusiastic about the evening at the theater. Chances are, he or she is going to want to walk around and not sit still for the whole performance. This fidgety nature can ruin the show for you and those around you.

When you bring a toddler to the theater, prepare to have to leave at some Read the rest of this entry »

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26th June 2013

Five Reasons School-Age Children Love Going to the Theater

Few things are more fun for children than going to the movie theater. The silver screen captivates audiences of all ages. School-aged children especially love watching movies on the big screen. Listed below are five reasons that school-aged children love going to the theater.

1. Kids love movies.
2. Kids love snacks.
3. Kids love getting out of the house.
4. The movie theater is a great place to meet with friends.
5. A trip to the movie theater is a fantastic reward for scholastic achievements.

Children absolutely love watching movies. There are a variety of family-friendly movies to choose from for young audiences. Read the rest of this entry »

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12th May 2013

How to Find the Best Theater Shows for Kids

Are you looking for a theater to take your kids to? There are some ways that you can find the best theater show in the area. The first thing you can do is call theaters in the area. The staff will be able to tell you what shows are playing and what ages the shows are appropriate for. You can also find out about discounts when kids are out of school or if there are any coupons for shows. Another option is to call the school your child attends. If Read the rest of this entry »

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28th March 2013

Upcoming Theater Presentations for Kids in the Phoenix Area

Phoenix and its surrounding areas are rich with children’s theater productions and presentations. Here are just a few of the upcoming theatrical shows with a family-friendly focus.

1. Boats at Childsplay (March 30-31). Presented by Terrapin Puppet Theatre, this inventive and spectacular combination of puppetry and acrobatics tells the story of two friends sailing the ocean together.
2. They Chose Me! at the Valley Youth Theatre (April 5-April 21). A funny and heartwarming musical about adoption and foster care, told from the point of view of the children involved.
3. Legally Blonde the Musical at Scottsdale Read the rest of this entry »

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22nd March 2012

Best Family Theaters in Phoenix

What better way to spend a family night than at the movies??? It’s as simple as setting your Phoenix home security and getting out cash for the popcorn – there are tons of great theater options in Phoenix for you to explore!
Harkins Theaters: Harkins actually has cinemas all over town but their crowning jewel is the Cristown 14. It’s a state of the art development with all the bells and whistles you’d expect and it’s big enough to have just about any movie you and your kids want to see.
Silver Cinemas: If you’re looking for a bargain (and who isn’t) in this part of the world you can’t do any better than Silver Cinemas. They’ve got dollar movies once a week and they’re super family friendly – you can’t bring in outside food or drink but the concession prices are reasonable.
AMC Deer Valley 30: If you’ve got kids of the teenage sort this is a great spot. Drop them off in another theater with their friends while you take the young ones to a different movieit’s big enough you won’t run into each other but it’s safe, too.

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27th September 2011

The Benefits of Shopping for Theater Tickets Online

The theater is a great place to go for a romantic date. It is also a great place for families who want to spend time together. People who want to go to the theater should consider buying their tickets online. One of the benefits of buying theater tickets online is that they are cheaper. Most websites offer discounts to people who choose to buy their tickets online.

Many people go to the theater only to find out that the show that they were hoping to see is sold out. People who choose to buy their tickets online do not Read the rest of this entry »

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26th September 2011

How to Buy Theater Tickets Online

You may wonder how you can buy theater tickets online. You may not realize even movie theaters have started to move to this trend. Not every theater has chosen to embrace this possibility. A show put on in a High School auditorium expects you to buy the tickets in person. You probably will not be able to use anything other than cash to pay for your tickets. This is often inconvenient, but it is not an insurmountable obstacle.

It is possible and easy to buy theater tickets online for Read the rest of this entry »

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23rd September 2011

Three Reasons to Get to the Theater Early

Three Reasons to Get to the Theater Early!

What kind of movie-goer are you? Many people enjoy going out to the movies to relax and take a step away from real world time. Some busy folks rush to slide into their seat just as the feature begins. Your experience at the theater may be even more enjoyable if you arrive a little bit earlier. Arriving early can help your family have a most relaxing experience Read the rest of this entry »

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21st September 2011

Five Ways to Save Money at the Theater

There are some great ways to save money at the theater. The first way is to go to the earliest show. Usually the earlier shows are cheaper than the later ones. So there is a potential of saving between 2 and 4 dollars off of each ticket price. Plus the theater will be less crowded. The second way is choosing not to go see a 3D movie. This is because they will usually cost more to see. Read the rest of this entry »

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