What to think before buying an RC Helicopter

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Different individuals have various types of avocations. Not everyone can purchase an actual chopper that’s why folks are turning out to be this sport of flying helicopters, which will give you rather a genuine feel.

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Most folks don’t study well before purchasing RC helicopters, which will be why we have been recording down several variables you should consider before buying them.

1. Some RC Helicopters can be varied in the others and just by looking at them; it’s impossible to make out any distinction. There are remote-controlled helicopters, toy helicopters, heavy-duty types, and a lot more. You should browse through the store you buy from ahead of when you leap into a selection.

2.Add-ons and components – You should have the correct parts. Apart from this, you should be aware of the proper spot to purchase the external components like blades, skids, FPV goggles and much mo-Re for your chopper. If you chance to damage any such thing, continue to keep an extra to replace it.

3. Learning procedure – You should find out everything about your device and the best way to put it to use. If you simply go forward with it without studying or studying anything, you are going to wind up purchasing the wrong one. Besides this, additionally, you will put it to use wrongly! Get yourself the RC helicopter simulator to understand everything about the interior and external components of the chopper.

4. Building – You must decide a helicopter that you favor. They’ve been for sale in distinct bodies like plastic, glass-strengthened plastic, aluminum, carbon fiber and significantly mo-Re. The blades are also of different stuff, and you should understand which blade matches what human anatomy.

5. The three channels will include forward and backward motions. This will allow you to determine better as to which chopper you should select.

So, what have you been looking forward to? Get to the insanity of RC helicopters and love this hobby!

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Language and Cow in India & Politics Associated With It

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Cow Viagalinism

PM Modi says “Killing people in the name of Gau Bhakti is not acceptable. This is not something Mahatma Gandhi would approve”. This, in my opinion, is one of the brilliant masterstrokes of PM Modi. How? Let me explain: In one shot, he has cornered PISS (Progressive Intellectual Sanctimonious Seculars) and Congress party as well. The PISS are now confused whether to defend or oppose PM Modi’s statement. Because if they oppose it, then it would mean they support Gau Bhakti in Hinduism, which they cannot imagine even in their dreams. But if they defend, then it would mean they support PM Modi, which they cannot imagine even in their dream within a dream. Hence, they are totally confused and cornered.

Next, how has he cornered Congress?
Over the last 70 years, Congress has been using Mahatma Gandhi as the mascot of the party. Although it is now a well established fact that Gandhi was not the father of the nation, nor was he the reason behind our freedom (The real man behind our freedom was Subhash Chandra Bose). Nor had Gandhi helped Hindus. (In fact, he was always pro-mullahs). But still, almost a billion Indians still believe that he is father of our nation, and Congress has been exploiting this belief of innocent Indians & portraying themselves as the party of Mahatma Gandhi everywhere through all possible means. ie Congress has been capitalizing on the Gandhi name since eternity. Like as if they have a copyright over him. Now, what PM Modi is doing, is that he is literally snatching that copyright from the Congress. In just the last 3 years, PM Modi has “used” Mahatma Gandhi, more than what UPA had used in 10 years. Even the ambitious Swachch Bharat mission has Gandhi.

So, this way, people have gradually started associating BJP as the party of Mahatma Gandhi. Earlier, when people saw Gandhi’s photo, they would think of Congress. But now when they look at Gandhi, they think of Swachch Bharat, BJP, Modi etc. Even Congress knows that Gandhi is slipping out of their hands, but they are helpless because they cannot oppose this. Because if they oppose today’s statement by PM Modi, then it would mean they support killings and they support Gau Bhakti. Hence they are on the back foot, but frustrated & angry because their Gandhi’s white dhoti is slowly turning into Khaki shorts.

Language In India

This is going to be the final post related to the Kannada protests for today. And this is going to be a bit emotional (but more logical), because I have finally decided to change my stand, in the interest of people & convenience. Chauvinists & activists might not like my new stand now, but I put logic, justice & dharma above petty politics. As most of my friends already know, I am a Marathi Kshatriya who has settled down in Karnataka and made Bengaluru as my home, learnt Kannada and blended with the local people & culture here. I speak Marathi at home, and Kannada in public places. But since some of the Govt’s actions were unjustified and against Kannada, I supported the cause of Kannada activists who have been fighting for having only “Kannada+English” boards in Karnataka.

Now, back to the topic. Yes, I also fought for “Kannada+English” i.e 2 languages. But after I got several messages from my friends to become flexible & reconsider my stand, I tried to introspect. After a thorough introspection, I realized that I was being harsh. My friends were right. They said “We all agree Kannada should definitely be there prominently on top. And we agree English also must be there because it is used in all our higher education and professions. But what’s the harm in having a 3rd language for convenience of people”. As I was saying, I believe in justice & dharma. What they said was logical. If “Kannada+English” could help X% of the people living in Karntaka, then having a 3rd language will help (X+Y)% of the people (Where Y is greater than 0). It made sense. So, thought, yes, why not?

Next thing was to apply logic. Since (X+Y) is greater than (X), the mathematical & logical mind in me started thinking of what value can be assigned to Y, so that it will be the most efficient. Since my mother tongue is Marathi, I thought, why not assign Marathi to Y, as in, why not have Marathi as 3rd language. Since Karnataka comprises of around 3% Marathi population, it will definitely help an additional 3%. Sounds good. But are there any other options? Yes. Odia? Less than 1%. Hindi? 4%. Finally, I thought about Telugu. And the figure was astounding. More than 10% of the Karnataka population are Telugu people. That’s because Karnataka shares more than half its state border with Andhra in there is lot of intermingling & exchange of population across both the states. In fact, any Kannadiga who has lived in Karnataka for a long time, would obviously acknowledge that Telugu is the highest non-Kannada population in Karnataka.

And there, I got the answer for the efficiency of the (X+Y) equation. If people’s convenience must be considered, then the equation (X+Y) should be efficiently solved so that the result is maximum. And as we saw in the above statistics & calculations, Telugu is the answer. So, this is the final verdict. My stand on this issue over the last few days was “Kannada+English”. But after inputs from several people who are asking me to think about convenience and add a 3rd language for the convenience of people, I propose the following language formula:
1) Kannada
2) English
3) Telugu

I still feel just “Kannada+English” would be enough. But since my friends from other states have been asking me to consider having 3 language “because it makes no harm having a 3rd language” and “adding a 3rd language can increase convenience”, I used all the logic, statistics and calculations. So, if we really need a 3rd language, it must be Telugu, after Kannada & English. Please note, this is only as additional language only, for the sake of convenience. Kannada should be on top, occupying 60% of the signboard space. English should be under it. And if we really need a 3rd language, because we want to help more people, then Telugu also can be with English, under the Kannada text. I know this is going to offend or cause lot of heartburn for many chauvinists & activists. But this is Raj Dharma. This is about being unbiased and logical. All languages are equal. I would personally like to have Marathi because it is my mother tongue, but since I believe in merit, I acknowledge Telugu as the highest non-Kannada population in Karnataka and hence I propose it as 3rd language, if at all a 3rd language is really needed in Karnataka.

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